Boosting Retail Success with Custom Point of Purchase Displays

In the competitive world of retail, grabbing the attention of shoppers is crucial. One effective way to do this is through eye-catching Point of Purchase (POP) displays. These strategic marketing tools are designed to attract customers and drive impulse purchases. MarCon Solutions excels in crafting custom POP displays that not only highlight products but also enhance the shopping experience.

Understanding Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase displays come in various forms and serve multiple purposes within a retail environment. These include:

  • Counter Displays: Perfect for small items, these displays are positioned on countertops, making them ideal for last-minute impulse buys.
  • Floor Displays: Larger and more prominent, floor displays can showcase a wide range of products and are often used for promotions and new product launches.
  • Endcap Displays: Located at the ends of aisles, these displays catch the eyes of shoppers as they navigate the store, highlighting special deals and new arrivals.
  • Sidekick Displays: Attached to the sides of aisles, these displays are perfect for cross-merchandising related products.
  • Shelf Talkers: Small signs or displays that attach to shelves, drawing attention to specific products or promotions.
  • Dump Bins: Large bins filled with products, usually on sale or clearance, designed to encourage bulk purchases.

MarCon Solutions: Your Partner in Custom POP Displays

MarCon Solutions stands out in the industry by offering tailor-made POP displays that meet the unique needs of each client. Here’s why partnering with MarCon Solutions can transform your retail strategy:

  1. Customization: At MarCon Solutions, every display is customized to fit the brand’s identity and the product’s unique selling points. This ensures that each display is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and aligned with the overall brand strategy.
  2. Innovative Designs: The team at MarCon Solutions is known for their creativity and innovation. They stay ahead of market trends and incorporate the latest design techniques to create displays that captivate and engage customers.
  3. Quality Materials: Using high-quality materials, MarCon Solutions ensures that their POP displays are durable and can withstand the rigors of a busy retail environment. This commitment to quality guarantees that the displays remain attractive and effective over time.
  4. Effective Merchandising: With a deep understanding of consumer behavior, MarCon Solutions designs displays that not only attract attention but also encourage sales. Their expertise in merchandising helps clients maximize their retail space and increase product visibility.
  5. Comprehensive Service: From the initial concept to the final installation, MarCon Solutions provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Their team works closely with clients to ensure that every detail is perfect, resulting in a seamless and stress-free experience.

Success Stories

MarCon Solutions has a proven track record of helping retailers boost their sales through effective POP displays. One notable success story is their collaboration with a national retail chain, where they developed custom endcap displays for a new product line. The result was a significant increase in product visibility and a 20% boost in sales within the first month of installation.


In the bustling retail market, standing out is key. MarCon Solutions’ custom Point of Purchase displays offer retailers an effective way to capture customer attention and drive sales. With their focus on customization, innovative design, quality materials, and effective merchandising, MarCon Solutions is the ideal partner for any retailer looking to enhance their in-store experience and achieve greater success.

For more information on how MarCon Solutions can help your business thrive with custom POP displays, visit their website or contact their team of experts today.