A Kansas City Custom Plastic Company That You Can Trust

A custom plastic company is a business that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of unique plastic products. These products can be anything from medical equipment to consumer goods. Plastic companies work with clients to create specialized products that meet their specific needs and requirements. To do this, custom plastic operations use a variety of methods and technologies to create custom products. Some of the methods that they use to create products made of plastic include injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming. 

Extrusion Is a Process That Involves Forcing Molten Plastic Through a Die

Injection molding is a process that involves injecting molten plastic into a mold to create a desired shape.  Extrusion is a process that involves forcing molten plastic through a die to create a needed shape. Thermoforming is a process that involves heating and cooling plastic sheets to create a specific shape. Custom plastics professionals also use a variety of technologies to create unique plastic products. These technologies include computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). CAD is used to create three-dimensional (3D) models of custom plastic products. CAM is used to create the actual custom plastic products from the 3D models created with CAD.

Working With Plastic and Plastic Related Materials

These companies use various methods and technologies to create specialized plastic products for a variety of industries, including the medical, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries. Custom plastics are used in a wide variety of applications, such as medical devices, automotive parts, and electronic components. With so much to offer this clear to see why this technologically advanced process has become so popular in industry and manufacturing today. From the very simple to highly complex, anything is possible when it comes to working with plastic and plastic related materials. To learn more about this and other unique processes simply contact MarCon today to learn more. Getting your next project underway is always easy and convenient.